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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Earth, Global Warming, Solar Flares and Planet X

     It's Wednesday June 20, 2012.  The Summer is upon us. And it's real hot! Looks like we're in for an early heat wave.  In addition, today or tomorrow will be the longest day of our calendar year. In other words, the amount of time between sunrise and sunset will be at its highest. And the days after will only get shorter as we go through summer and approach fall.

     The days are longer in the Summer than at other times of the year
because Earth's orbit around the Sun is not a perfect circle. It is more of an oval shape.
And because the Earth is further from the Sun during the summer, we see the Sun for longer periods of time during those months. Daylight savings time has little to do with this natural  phenomenon.

     Ironically, even though the Earth is further from the Sun during the Summer, the weather is warmer during this season than during the winter when the distance between the Earth and Sun is shorter. The tilt of Earth's axis as well as the slant of it's orbital plane around the Sun are what cause this. In any event, the last twenty years have had progressively warmer summers. And Planet X is getting closer.

     The Real Reason for the Spike in Global Warming:

     Any planetary object of reasonable size - such as Planet X aka Nibiru - would have an impact on solar activity simply due to its mass and accompanying gravitational force. As this foreign gravitational pull upsets our Sun's equilibrium, Solar flare activity increases.

     The onset of Planet X has had an impact on the Sun's activity in recent years, causing these Solar fares to increase and occur with greater regularity. This exited Sun state, due to the influence o Planet X, is largely responsible for the overall increase in the heat index in recent years.

     Scientists say the Sun goes through cycles of Solar Flare activity that run the range from Solar Minimum to Solar Maximum. It is in one of these Solar Maximum periods that the Solar System is currently supposed to be situated. During this time, the Solar event that astronomers fear most - and so should everyone else - is called a Coronal Mass Ejection or CME.

     All solar emissions carry electromagnetic radiation . The impact of an abnormally large Solar Flare or CME could knock out power and communications on earth - plunging our modern civilization back into the dark ages. There wouldn't even be running water because the pumps that bring it to our home faucets would no longer be operating.

     Today / tomorrow is the beginning of Summer 2012. and the real feel temperature is 105ªF. Let's see just how hot this summer continues to get... And Listen out for any news from NASA, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the South Pole Telescope team. Planet X may be closer than we think.

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