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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What Is Planet X?

This seems like a good place to start, since it has become apparent to me in my day to day dealings with people that a great many of us have never heard of it. Evidently, these folks have never even encountered the rumor that there is a large unknown object on an oblong orbit around our Sun, that scientists believe is actually part of our solar system. This object, which has been dubbed "Planet X", is said to be responsible for the extreme weather phenomena in recent years. It is also hypothesized that Planet X could have been the cause of the Great Flood of long ago, and perhaps even the extinction of the dinosaurs.

Naturally, even among those in the know on the subject, there are skeptics. To those individuals, I will simply pose a few questions... First, why did the ancient Maya claim to have knowledge a large planetary object that they referred to as 'The Destroyer'? Second why do the ancient Sumerian people have artifacts with depictions of a solar system that looks identical to our own, yet show an additional planet that they call 'Nibiru'? And third, why would the National Science Foundation (NSF) spend $150 million dollars to build a high powered telescope at the South Pole which they rushed to complete by 2007 unless they a) felt that they had something to look for and b) believed that Antarctica was an ideal place to view it?

The answers to these questions and others form a strong argument in favor of the idea that Planet X is in fact real. And that the powers that be are aware of its existence and are attempting to make preparations for its impending arrival. Yet as evidenced by their obvious disinformation campaigns, they are adamant about keeping the masses in the dark. At least until the very last minute. But we can change that by exploring facts past and present.

The ancient Maya kept records of a large celestial body which they called 'The Destroyer'. Most researchers of the topic agree that the Destroyer and Planet X are one in the same. According to a key Mayan artifact, the Dresden Codex, this object travels in a 3600 year orbit around our Sun. The Maya are well known for their meticulous forecasting of cosmic events. The Mayan Calendar has accurately predicted every Solar and Lunar eclipse to within seconds since its origination at around 3114BC. This we know from modern computer programs that can be used to back date the night sky. Not bad for a civilization which existed thousands of years ago.

Mayan astronomical accounts say that the next passing of 'The Destroyer', will also coincide with a rare stellar event. What they speak of is a planetary alignment that only occurs once ever 26,000 years. This will take place when Planet X reaches its orbital perigee. That is, at its closest position to our Sun and neighboring planets. At that time, 'The Destroyer' along with our Earth, Moon, Sun and the other planets in our solar system will align with the center of the Milky Way - the galaxy in which we reside.

The Maya describe the Destroyer as a reddish disk with gaseous wings when seen in the sky. The date upon which the Mayan calendar predicts that the next passage of Planet X along with this rare stellar alignment will occur also happens to be the same day that the calendar ends. That date is December 21, 2012. This is the real reason that this date has become such a hot topic. It's not because of the recent movie which barely touched on any of the facts mentioned here.

Incidentally, the image of a reddish disc with wing like appendages - especially if those wings were tapered - could easily be construed as a head with horns. This might explain renditions of 'The Devil' that have passed down to this day. Yet this is hardly a lone example of a Biblical concept being mirrored astronomically. The story of the Nativity tells us that Jesus - the Son of God - was born under a star. The star referred to was and still is the brightest in our sky. It resides in the constellation Sirus, and is known as Sirius A. There is also a slightly dimmer star in that constellation known as Sirius B. Yet some skywatchers believe that there is a third star in Sirius, dimmer still, known as Sirius C. Sirius C is also called the 'Dark Star'. The Dark Star, also known as Sirius C, could very well be Planet X, or what the Sumerians called 'Nibiru'.

The ancient Sumerian civilization is the oldest one of which we are aware. They were a highly advanced culture, and are credited with the first known form of writing, called cuneiform. The Sumerians were also advanced in science, mathematics and artistry. The Sumerian civilization dates back at least 7000 years to 5000BC. Yet many Sumerian artifacts remain fairly well preserved to this day. Most notable are their tablet carvings and cylinder seals. These cylinder seals can be rolled in soft clay to produce relief images.

Sumerian cylinder seals show a solar system that is identical to our own, except for the inclusion of an additional planetary object. Archeologists have been able to decipher the inscriptions and symbology on many Sumerian tablets and cylinder seals. And we now know that the Sumerians called this 12th planet 'Nibiru'. Many of these archaeologists believe Nibiru and Planet X to be one in the same. The Sumerians considered the Sun and Moon to be planets as well. Hence the number 12.

Furthermore, Pluto - no longer fitting the description of a planet, but which we considered our 9th planet until 2006 when the definition of a planet was changed - was not discovered by modern astrophysicists until 1930. Yet the Sumerians knew not only of Pluto's existence, but of its orbital hierarchy as far back as the 5th millennium BC. Doesn't it stand to reason that if the Sumerians knew more about our solar system than we did regarding that planet, that the same would apply for Nibiru?

Sumerian artifacts also show depictions of a disc with wings. The Sumerian god Ashur is typically shown inside the disc in these clay carvings. According to archaeological findings, the Sumerians claim that the god Ashur was the father of a being called Anu. Sumerian cuneiform states that the inhabitants of planet Nibiru are known as the Anunnaki.

For the record, the region that was known as Sumer was located in an area called Mesapotamia. Mesapotamia when translated, means 'the land between two rivers'. Those rivers were / are the Tigris and the Euphrates. On a modern map, this area lies smack in the middle of none other than the country of Iraq. I'll resist the temptation to digress on a geopolitical tangent regarding this locale and its current relevance. Yet it is somewhat remarkable that Meggido, the very place in which Armageddon is supposed to take place (as well as the town that the word 'armageddon' comes from) is also in Iraq. And that the major world powers are occupying that location at this very moment - all at a time when the prophecies in the Book of Revelation are practically unfolding line by line; the Polar Ice Caps are melting, Hurricane Katrina, AIDS, H1N1 Virus, the Indonesia Tsunami, Earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, California Brush Fires, etc. I mean, why buy a telescope at a time like this? The problems appear to be down here, not up there. Let's see if we can answer that one.

The South Pole Telescope (SPT) was recently completed in 2007. It was funded by the National Science Foundation, and cost $150 million dollars to complete. Construction took place from 2006 to 2007. Just one year. That's pretty fast for a project of this magnitutude and sensitivity. Especially in a harsh environment like the South Pole. It seems like someone was in a hurry.

The SPT is a Radio Frequency (RF) telescope that operates in the 70GHZ - 300GHZ range. The super high frequencies that this receiver is designed to pick up are susceptible to interference and distortion from solar radiation swings and water vapor. the South Pole is therefore an ideal location to place this sensitive listening device. The sun in Antarctica hardly rises or sets. Its radiation is therefore fairly stable. Meanwhile, the elevation at the South Pole - 1.7 miles above sea level - also serves to minimize anomalies from things like water vapor and clouds.

The SPT's stated purpose is to, get this, 'listen for distant clusters of galaxies'. Give me a break! Listening for distant twinkles?! At a time when our problems are so tangible right here on Earth?! Even the United States wouldn't squander money like that. suffice it to say that if no executives were able to use the $150 million to take bonuses with, then the SPT must be pretty serious.

So serious in fact, that there are reportedly secretive groups who visit the South Pole site, gather data, and leave with out a word. What's so secret and urgent about remote galactic clusters that are probably thousands of lightyears away? I don' buy it. I believe that the SPT was built for the specific purpose of tracking Nibiru and attempting to determine the time of arrival to it's orbital perigee.

The fact is, a large planetary body like a brown dwarf star for example, would be massive enough to upset our solar equilibrium. Scientists have gone on record stating that things such as increased solar flare activity would be a given should such an object travel too close to our Sun. Increased solar flare activity would readily explain global warming and the extreme meteorological events that have taken place over the last few years. Another side effect of a large planetary or external solar flyby would be a polar shift here on earth. The topic of Earth Polar Shift has all of a sudden become highly talked about among astrophysicists. And understandably so. Since a very slight shift in the position of the Earth's poles would be enough to cause an Extinction Level Event. So perhaps the name 'Destroyer' is a fitting one. I suggest we keep our eyes peeled. Though not that it would do much good.

In any case, it appears that the National Security Agency (NSA), or whatever secret service people are making regular visits to the SPT site, are doing so for that exact purpose. To watch and listen for an large stellar object that is no doubt approaching. If and when they decide make the public aware of their findings is uncertain at best. Therefore we have to do our own watching.

That is the purpose of this blog. To expose the truth about Planet X aka Nibiru aka the Destroyer. And see if we can figure out how to survive what seems to be an impending flyby. Because too many factors indicate that Nibiru is real, and it is moving closer to us by the minute.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The 1980's Planet X Cover Up

In the 1980's the public was made privy to NASA scientific findings on the topic of Planet X by several newspapers and magazines. Some these reports lingered on into the early 1990's. Yet it is important to note that due to a protracted disinformation program by individuals in positions of power in the US and elsewhere, shortly after the reports during the 1980's surfaced, the data was discredited. And whatever traces of these findings that bled into the 1990's were by that time, simply dismissed as the overblown machinations of space enthusiasts.

Yet, too many varied sources during the period in the 1980's, as well as one in a key 1992 article, spoke of the same findings. And it is therefore important that this data be revisited,  instead of simply allowing this critical information to get buried - along with its significance. That would only serve the whim and or paranoia of certain individuals with media sway. With that said, this what we know.

Before I go on, I'd just like to say that I am intentionally trying to avoid saying 'US Govt this' and 'Washington DC that'. Because, well the 14th amendment (one's right to due process) was written out of the constitution by the previous presidential administration (very convenient and well timed, no?). And I really don't want to be locked under some remote prison without a phone call. I just want to share my findings on Planet X. That said, I'll continue.

On January 25, 1983, NASA launched the Infrared Astronomical Satellite (IRAS). During its roughly ten month time in operation, IRAS detected an object in space that was / is 'possibly as large as Jupiter'. NASA scientists working with the IRAS project also stated that this object was so close to Earth that it 'could be part of our solar system'. These facts regarding this mysterious mass were reported in a highly controversial article that was published in The Washington Post by reporter, Peter O'Toole. The story was entitled, "Possibly as Large as Jupiter; Mystery Heavenly Body Discovered". And was released on December 30, 1993, eleven moths after the telescope-carrying IRAS was launched.
A second article entitled, "Planet X - Is It Really Out There", was released by US News and World Report on September 10 1984. This piece stated that according to NASA scientists, a force generated by something invisible to the naked eye, was 'mysteriously tugging at the orbits of Urans and Nepune'.
And lastly, in 1992 a NASA press release stated the following, "Unexplained deviations in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune point to a large outer solar system body of 4 to 8 Earth masses, on a highly tilted orbit, beyond 7 billion miles from the sun."
The commonality of these reports were initially received with agreement by the better part of the astronomical community. And a conclusion was drwan that something is definitely out there.

published in December 1983

Most scientists, however admitted that they still had no idea what it was or is.
Around the same time, the New York Times published an articles that said, in not so many words, that apparently the only thing left to do regarding Planet X was to 'name it'.

What one might find interesting are these additional facts. On Sept 17, 1984 just one week after the opening story on Planet X was published, the magazine, US News and World Report  ran a new article that basically retracted the information given in the story that ran the week before. Another interesting thing to note is the mysterious death of one, Dr. Roberst S. Harrington.

Dr. Harrington was the chief astronomer for the US Naval observatory. He had gone to New Zealnd in 1991 with an 8 inch telescope because it was one of the ideal locations from which Planet X could be viewed. The calculations made by Harrington during his time in New Zealand showed that The orbit of Planet X was tilted 30 degrees below the ecliptic - our solar system's orbital plane. And that furthermore, this object, Planet X was headed toward our inner solar system. In other words, Planet X was shown by Dr. Harrington to be approaching the obital perigee toward which it is now headed, as far back as 20 years ago.

Strangely however, Dr. Robert Harrington died suddenly before he was ever able to properly publish these findings. Better said, Harrington sent back news of his findings. Then suddenly dropped dead of esophageal cancer before ever being able to pack up and return home to what would no doubt have been a 'highly publicized' press conference. I don't know about you, but I find the timing of Dr. Harrington's death curious to say the least.

It should be mention that DR. Harrington's stay in New Zealand lasted until 1993. It was in that year that he died. However, what we now know of his findings, indicate that they very likely had an impact on the 1992 NASA press Release mentioned above.

Since the mid-eighties to early nineties period of sincere reporting on Planet X, many scientists in the astronomy field who were once advocates of the 12th Planet's validity have since reversed their stories and become part of the movement to write Nibiru off as a comet or some other less significant body. I dare say that their health is evidently more important to them than spreading the word. Yet in giving these same individuals the benefit of the doubt, perhaps it is via their efforts to disseminate the real data through less obvious means, that people in search of the truth about the 12th Planet now have the information that we do.

Nevertheless, it would seem from a broad perspective that a great many scientists do - or at one time did think that Planet X was real. Regrettably though, subsequent events since the 80's - 90's period point toward a disinformation campaign that is tantamount to a coverup.
Consider this, In the even that Planet X is real, and is headed this way to wreak havoc amidst life on Earth, how could the powers that be retain control over the masses should indisputable proof of such a colossal event become widely known?

The topic of a new Planet is daunting to say the least. And it is all I can do to keep these postings brief. On that note, I will simply leave with these words until next time... Take what you read in newspapers and hear on the television with a grain of salt; Consider the timing of some of the events that I've cited; Ask yourself questions like, "what are they really doing up there in the International Space Station?"; Or "why the sudden rash of global catastrophies and Solar Flare activity?"; And "what might some of the passages in the bible actually be referring to (eg Edin was actually a own in Ancien Sumer, and the first chapter of the Book of Ezekiel talks about a 'Celestial Chariot')?"; Do some research of your own if you need to. And you decide.

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Way Astronomers Detect Planets, and Detected Planet X

Some might ask themselves that, if there is this huge Planet X hurtling toward Earth as it traverses the inbound swing of its large, elliptical orbit around our Sun, then how come no one has detected it until now? That's a reasonable thought to have, since our society is seemingly so hi tech. Yet, If we consider what goes into detecting a planet, perhaps we may be able to better appreciate why Nibiru may have eluded modern skywatchers for so long.

A great way to understand the process of planet detection, is to visualize something we are probably all familiar with. That is, when you twirl an object such as a yoyo over your head on a string. As the yoyo goes round and round in circles I behaves much like the moon as it encircles the Earth, or Earth as it orbits the Sun. The centrifugal force built up by the yoyo as you twirl it, is what gives you the feeling that it is pulling away from your hand. The string however, is what keeps it from doing that. If you let go of he string however, the yoyo will in fact go flying off in the direction toward which it was aimed at he instant you released it. Yet as long as yo whirl the string at the appropriate rate, the yoyo will maintain a constant glide at a constant distance about you wrist. The set distance between the yoyo and your wrist that is maintained by the presence of the string, and a speed / centrifugal force of the yoyo's movement, is known as Equilibrium.

In the case of an orbiting planet or moon, the concept of centrifugal force being countered by an equal and opposite attachment force, is identical to that of a yoyo being twirled on a string. The attachment force in this case is the gravity of the larger body; the planet in the case of an orbiting moon; the sun or mother star I the case of an orbiting planet.

Returning to the previous illustration for a moment, you might notice that as you twirl the yoyo, your hand wobbles a bit. If you were twirling a heavier object, your hand would wobble even more. This is caused by the outward pulling centrifugal force of the yoyo as it circumnavigates the opposite pulling force holding it in place. In this case it would again be your fist and the string. In the case of a planet or moon, it would be the star or planet respectively. The wobble however, is still something that occurs even on a cosmic scale. Yet as we peer out at remote stars in space, this wobble is all but imperceptible.

Still, astronomers have learned to detect even the slightest wobbles in stars at great distances. And it is precisely these wobbles or perturbations, when they are observed to follow a regular pattern, that reveal to scientists that the star or planet that they are studying has an orbiting satellite body. Naturally the course of the orbiting body must also shift this way and that as the planet or sun at it's orbital nucleus is caused to oscillate.

Our Sun undergoes quite a bit of oscillation due to the fact that here are several planets in orbit around it. So its apparent wobble would be somewhat kinetic were it to be viewed by an intelligent life form on some distan planet in a far off galaxy. Yet this is the way astronomers are able to detect planets that are otherwise invisible.

In the case of Planet X, the gravity of this enormous object was discovered to be the cause of otherwise unexplainable disturbances in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune. This was a clever method in determining the presence of the massive dark star. Since, even though Uranus and Neptune do not orbit Planet X, the law of gravity still applies.

Every time came Uranus an Neptune came close enough to Plant X as they traversed our Sun, the gravity of the dark star momentarily pulled them near, and cause a slight off tracking or bulge in their solar orbits. The repetition and regularity of this occurrence greatly helped scientists determine the mass and distance to Planet x. At the the time of these calculations in the early 1990's, Planet X was said to be 7 billion miles away. And its size was calculated at 4 to 8 Earth masses.

From a yoyo on a string to a planet around a Sun. The principles of mechanical physics are evidently transferable. Planets, stars and moons wobble the same way yoyo's and hands do.
Furthermore, in the vacuum of outer space, a large extraneous body can cause anomalies in orbital systems that it may pass too close to. That is how astronomers find planets and stars. And it is these same principles, according to a 1992 NASA press release, that led a to strong case for the existence of Planet X or what the Ancient Sumerians called Nibiru.